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Angel Egg

I hope that this past Easter weekend was a wonderful weekend for you.  Here in Denver we had beautiful weather, flowers blooming, and Angels.

This year I bought the egg coloring kit where you add oil and the dyes create a marbling effect on the eggs.  My family and I were together in our kitchen dyeing our eggs when I noticed a swirl forming on mine when I put it in the green dye.  I pulled the egg out to look at it, held it up and my husband turned to  me and said “It’s an Angel,”  (I love that he noticed!) and sure enough, right on my egg was a clear Angel image for all of us to see.

“Guess she’ll put that on her blog,”  my oldest daughter said, and although we laughed, of course she was right.  Why?  Why am I putting this on my blog?  Because that Angel image on my egg was a clear reminder to me that our Angels are with us all the time, showing up when we aren’t looking, showing up just to let us know, “Hi, we are here.”

For me, that egg was a reminder to give thanks for an Angelic time, a time when my family was all together, unhurried, just enjoying each other.  And times like that, unhurried times with the four people I love most in the world are my very happiest times and what are most important to me.  My Angels know this and the egg reminded us that they were there with us too.  That they were there acknowledging that we slowed down, acknowledging that we took time out to be together.  They made us look at that, note that, remember that.  And I thank them for this very much.

“If you ask you shall receive,”  that is the way of the Angels.  Ask for yours and they will be there too, appearing in many “Eggs-traodinary ways.

Blessings and love,


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