Mom, Author, Certified Angel Therapist®

About Me

I grew up in Northfield, Illinois which is still apparent sometimes in my accent in certain words such as “taco” and “Chicago.” 

All my life I have been blessed with intuitive gifts but they came to full fruition in 1995 when I survived a rare giant brain aneurysm (grateful always to Dr. Robert Spetzler!) and met God and my Guardian Angel who were at my bedside the night before surgery and told me that everything would be ok.

I graduated college from Vanderbilt University and went on to receive my Masters in Journalism from Northwestern University. A career followed in reporting, marketing and journalism, but there was always something else tugging at me and on the side I always was working on and studying my spiritual side and gifts I am blessed to have.

The miracle of motherhood and surviving two bed-rest pregnancies and a third VBAC led me once again to focus on my faith in God and Angels. My studying increased and over the years I was blessed to meet many profound spiritual teachers who changed my life. In 2011 I went to Hawaii to study under Doreen Virtue and received my Angel Therapist certification. This same year I started an Angel Therapist practice where many incredible clients blessed my life. This practice led me to my first published book “Mom is Enough,” and my “Intuitive Mom Card Deck.” 

My greatests gifts, however, are my three Angels on earth, my daughters Emily, Katy and Ashley and they are always my first priority. 

I am also blessed with a wonderful husband of 26 years, amazing parents and my brother and his special family.   I get unconditional love from our two labrador retrievers and very special soul-soothing Cavapoo. 

 I am lucky to live in the gorgeous state of Colorado where my family and I love to hike, ski and go on family bike rides (usually ending with ice cream cones). I love horses, water-skiing, scuba-diving, Caribbean beaches, God and ANGELS.

I believe in treasuring each and every day and always, always trusting your gut.