The Last Christmas Tree


Yesterday my family and I got to the mountains for our Christmas celebration and went to Lowes to get a tree. There was one tree left. One. When I was taking the tree to check out a kind employee wearing an Angel necklace came over to help me. I told her I loved her necklace and her eyes got teary.

“It’s for my husband, he died on Christmas,” she said.

I hugged her immediately and told her how sorry I was. She told me she didn’t celebrate Christmas anymore, but was glad I got this last tree. We talked for a little and I found out her name is Anna. I told her I hope I didn’t overstep by hugging her, and she said she actually appreciated it.

We then walked in silent camaraderie to the register where she asked the check out clerk to please give “this kind lady” this tree for $10.00 since it was the last one, and he said no.

“No, I can’t do that. But I can give it to her for $1.00.”

Anna and I looked at each other and smiled and the checkout clerk, Rick shook my hand and wished me a Merry Christmas.

I thanked Anna and wished her a blessed day and a peaceful December 25th, and when she walked away Rick told me what special a person she is. As is he.

Who knew a quick stop at Lowes would bless me with meeting two exceptionally kind people, and receiving such a beautiful little tree.

When I came outside to our car carrying the last Lowes tree, my eyes were a bit teary. My family asked me what was wrong and I said nothing at all, told them the story, and how very very blessed I felt to have them in my life.

And now, as we look at our little $1.00 tree shining brightly in our home, we will remember that not everyone will have a Merry Christmas, but that there are still gifts everywhere you look, everyday.

Wishing you and your family a joyful Christmas, or a peaceful December 25th, whatever it means to you.


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