Family Supper

I don’t know if your family is as crazy as ours is during spring sports season, but I was thankful for the snow this past weekend to slow things down and get some time together.  Last night my family not only had dinner together but also watched two episodes of Glee in a row (our current family favorite) while snuggled up together on the basement couch.  It was a night similar to what I imagine families used to enjoy every Sunday when Sunday used to be a day of rest.  I think it still should be…..

But even if we can’t always get a day of rest, last night reminded me of an excerpt my minister shared in his sermon a few years ago at church.  I wanted to share it again here as a reminder of how truly important family dinners and family time are.   Even if we can’t get in a full day of rest each week…maybe we can at least make sure to get in at least one family dinner?

“Families who eat supper together discourage smoking, drug use and teen pregnancy.  Families who eat supper together position their kids to do better in school.  Families who eat supper together pass on their ethnic, familial and religious heritage.  Families who eat supper together help prevent eating disorders and obesity.  Families who eat supper together teach their kids manners.  Families who eat supper together promote a sense of resilience that will last a lifetime.  Families who eat supper together enjoy each other more as a family.”

-From The Surprising Power of Family Meals by Miriam Weinstein.

And may I suggest Angel Food Cake for dessert.  👼

Cheers to you and your family.



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