Angels Aren’t Just For Christmas

Many of you have heard me say it before,  “Angels Aren’t Just For Christmas.”  Many have you been to an event of mine with the title,  “Angels Aren’t Just for Christmas.”  Many of you believe “Angels Aren’t Just for Christmas,” just as strongly as I do.   But a teacher of mine told me once,

“Kristy you don’t just believe in Angels, you KNOW Angels.”

And she is right.  We believe in Santa.  We believe in miracles.  We believe in the Easter Bunny.  We believe, we believe, we believe.

My darling youngest daughter Ashley just this morning told me she is thinking of setting up a video to catch Santa in the act on Christmas Eve.  I hope that she does, but this set me to thinking about what my teacher said about believing versus knowing.

People seem to need proof of Santa.  Proof of miracles.  Proof because they are unsure.  They have some doubt.  The difference is I don’t need to set up a camera for my Angels.  I don’t need proof because I already know.  I know everyday because I feel them.  I hear them.  I see signs from them.  All I have to do is ask and I have my proof because when I ask, I get a sign, an answer, a voice in my head ALWAYS.

Santa wants our children to tell him what they want.  Angels want us to tell them what we want!  All ages, kids to adults.  What people ask me all the time is;

“Isn’t it selfish to ask my Angels for help?”  

And the answer is absolutely not!  Because unlike Santa and the millions of people counting on him, I know that each one of us has our own Guardian Angel assigned just to us, and a bunch of other helper Angels as well.   These Angels, YOUR angels, they are only here to help you.  They aren’t looking out for all the other gazillion people in the world.  That’s God’s job.  Think of the Angels as God’s helpers like the elves help Santa and just like you won’t get what you want from Santa if you don’t ask for it,  your Angels cannot help you if you do not ask them. They need your permission.  Except for rare cases that involve danger and protection, your Angels can’t help you in your daily life without you asking.   If you don’t ask they are just sitting there waiting.  They want to help you.

Your Angels’ help is twenty-four hours three hundred sixty-five days of the year.  Not just at Christmas!!!  While many people hate Christmas shopping in stores and have turned to the internet, I love going to the stores.  Why?  Because there are Angels in almost every store!  A couple years ago even Victoria’s Secret had huge Angel wings on their mannequins.  Right now Angels are everywhere you look, but in January, they will be gone.  

Yes, in December the Angel said to the Shepherds “Do not be afraid…”  but the Angels didn’t go away after that.  They are in almost every other chapter of the Bible.   If you go to Spain you will see Angels painted in hotels.  If you go to Italy I would challenge you to find a church without one.   But here, here in America, it is hard see representations of Angels except for at Christmas or else in a specialty spiritual store.  I have an Angel in almost every room of my house, all year long.  You’ll often see me with an Angel necklace or earrings, all year long.   But when do I have to buy all of these Angels?  Christmas time.  

What’s my point?  My point is that you have your Angels around you always and I would love for you to to start to know it, rather than believe it.  Know the feeling you get when you ask your Angels for help.  Notice the signs you see.  Notice the song that’s playing on the radio.  Notice the quote on the Billboard ahead of you.  Notice sentence that trips you up in your book as you are reading.   The answers to your questions are given in beautiful ways, you just have to notice.  KNOW what you notice.  Don’t just believe you got a sign, know you got a sign.  Trust yourself.  

Sometimes when I am completely tuned in and my pace is slow the answer will be immediate. At these times I feel warmth and see light and hear a clear voice tell me the answer.  Sometimes I am crazy busy and not focused and so the answer will come differently, but I always know.  The irony I think, it that at this time of year we often are so very busy and hectic and crazy that we talk to our Angels less!  We don’t make time to ask them for help because we don’t take time to slow down.  Maybe that’s why we see them in all the stores right now, they are saying:

“Slow down.  Talk to me.  Ask me for help.  Listen to me.”

Some ideas to ask your Angels for during this busy holiday season:

-Please help me find that perfect gift for _________  (You’ll be surprised how quickly you do!)

-Please help me find a parking spot!  (You will!)

-Please help me slow down and enjoy the season (You might get stuck in traffic! Turn on the Christmas Carols!)

-Please help me with my sadness of missing __________ and help me know they are still with me (You will get a sign from your loved one!)

-Please show me a way to help others this time of year (I asked this last week and got an email the same night to adopt/sponsor a family!)

-Please help me figure out how to afford to get ________ the _________ he/she really wants (You’ll be surprised at how the money shows up!)

-Please help me to not feel so alone this Christmas (Someone will reach out to you!)

There are many many questions to ask, none of them selfish.  Your Angels are here for you.  JUST ASK.  In December and always.  And when you get the answer, the sign, the parking spot, just say thank you.  They will hear you.

And maybe, when you walk into a store and you see that perfect little Angel statue, necklace, charm or picture that speaks to you, buy it.  Buy it for yourself and don’t put it away with your Christmas decorations.   Keep it out all year long as a reminder that,

Angels Aren’t Just for Christmas.

My blessings and love to you for a very happy holiday season and a very Merry Christmas.  May you feel joy, love, peace and Angels, always.



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