Angelic Proof

Photo by E. Sands - Angel in the Light (unedited photo)
Photo by E. Sands – Angel in the Light (unedited photo)

Recently my husband lost one of his very best friends and his wife in a tragic plane crash that left their three young children orphaned. Our family has been devastated by this event and it absolutely terrified our daughters to hear that children we knew could lose both parents forever and to realize that it is even possible for kids to lose both parents. I don’t think any thought could be more terrifying to a child (or a parent).

Often in hard times I turn to nature for healing, so as my husband headed to Mississippi for the funeral services (we decided not a good idea for us both to go away on an airplane when this was so fresh!)  I stayed with our girls and we went on a hike. During our hike the four of us formed a circle on the trail, closed our eyes and I said a prayer.  In this prayer I asked that God and the Angels take care of Jason and Lea in heaven and watch over their children here on earth. I also asked that God and the Angels protect our own family and our daughters and to please always keep us safe, to please let us have a long happy life together.

My daughters and I shed a few tears during this prayer and then we hugged and continued on our hike. My oldest daughter Emily walked ahead of us to take photos as she loves photography and Katy, Ashley and I sang trail songs and followed along with our dogs. It was a beautiful, healing day, but it doesn’t end there. That night at dinner Emily was looking through her photos when suddenly she paused, her jaw dropped and she showed me one, a very special one, pictured here. Do you see the orb? Do you see the Angel? Do you see her moving into the light?   

This photo was taken after our prayer and was absolute validation for my daughters that Angels are by us always, even on the hiking trail. Validation that even during our hardest times when we don’t understand life’s tragedies, we are not alone. That during our prayers, they are absolutely listening.

I am incredibly and forever grateful to this particular Angel for appearing directly to my daughter through her photo. I can preach all day long to my daughters about Angels and my knowledge that they are always there, but the photo gave them absolute evidence.

I wanted to share this photo here so you also know that your Guardian Angel is always there too, watching, listening, protecting. Always.

And all we need to do is say, “THANK YOU”.

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  1. Beautiful story, Kristy!!! I really needed that story today for my own life!! I am terribly sorry about your friends! May their spirits always be near their children and their children will grow to recognize their closeness all through their lives!

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