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Magic In Each Day

Today began with a cleansing rain and ended with raindrops sparkling on the trees, dancing like fairies in the sunlight.

When I woke up this morning I did not know what this day would bring.  I did not know how it would start or how it would end.   This is the gift of each day.  Each day is a new day that I have never lived before.  Each day is a new opportunity to open my eyes and look in a different direction than the day before, an opportunity to see something in a different way.

I have started some days with dread, and I have started some days with excitement.  But lately I am finding that the very best days are the ones where I open my eyes to the unknown and say, “What magic will I find in today?”   Today it was the fairy raindrops.  Tomorrow, yet another something to look forward to.   For even on a bad day, I feel there is still magic to be found, if we only open our eyes, take a deep breath and realize that even the smallest joys can be magical.

The sparkle after the rain.   The unexpected call from a friend.  The dog that greets you at home and makes you feel like you are all that matters.  The hot bath that soothes your aches away.  What is your little piece of magic today?  What made you smile?

My challenge this month, for myself, is to ask myself each day, what magic will I find today?  If you want to join me in this challenge, I’d love to hear about your magical moments at kristy@kristysands.com and share them here in a later post.

Because even the smallest of moments can change a day.

Have a magical September.


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