So tired…

As the neighbor’s leaf blower roars as I’m trying to get some peace and quiet I wonder why some days are like this.  I’m irritable, cranky, everything seems to bother me.   Is it the almost full moon?  The lack of sleep?  The amount of sugar I have been eating lately?  Hormones?

Yet, thirty minutes after going alone into my office, putting in earplugs, getting some tea and lighting some candles I am cured.  Re-energized. Not feeling tired.   And it dawns on me, I have been tired and irritable because I have not taken time, any real quiet time for me recently.  Not even a few minutes.

Last month I was extremely energized.  I felt great. I realize now it is because I was doing a yoga challenge and doing hot yoga or hot yoga fusion a couple of times a week.  It quieted me, it calmed me.  It made me breath.  Since then I have been running ragged, have not had a hot yoga class in weeks and have been taking care of everyone except for me.  Even my dogs have gotten more TLC from me lately than I have given myself.   What I wouldn’t give for a tummy rub…..

But today in my office as I took deep breaths and quieted, I felt better.  More energized.  Revived. Strange how moving more slowly and quieting myself gives me energy instead of making me tired.

I wouldn’t trade my job as a Mom for anything in the world.  I am so incredibly grateful for my daughters and the many, many mom roles that come with it.  But, as a mom I am always doing for others.  Every day.  My daughters, my husband, my dogs, even our pet rabbits.  The to-do list is endless… but I need to remind myself to add a quiet “me time” to that to-do list, whether it be a yoga class, sitting alone in my office with tea and candles for a few minutes or going on a short walk without my dogs, just by myself.

I feel like every year I remind myself of this yet every year I forget.  But now I know the sign, the trigger; tiredness!  From now on when I am tired I am going to try to remember to ask myself, have you had your quiet time?  Have you taken time for you?   Have you nurtured the nurturer?

Blessings for a quiet week ahead,




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