Root Nourishment


This morning I paused outside to admire the crocuses growing in my yard.   I took this photo and sat with my thoughts awhile.

At first the beautiful song from Les Misérables came into my head, “….and rain will make the flowers grow,” a reminder of all the beauty still emerging from this uncertain time we are in.   But then I realized it is not just the rain making the flowers grow, it is the health of the roots.  The bulbs of these beautiful flowers have been under the earth for months waiting slowly, patiently to bloom.   And if the roots weren’t nourished, there would be no flower.

And the more I think about the Corona Virus situation, the more I feel it is about these very roots.  Roots of the human soul that perhaps we as humans have forgotten in our day to day lives.  Roots that need to be nourished to bloom.

My family and I pray daily for those most affected right now; the ill, those who have lost their jobs, those who are alone, those whose roots are not being nourished.  We pray for them and their families and hope that each one will recover and that the slowing down, rest and re-evaluation of their lives might help.

We pray for those nourishing others roots.  Our government employees working to keep us safe, the devoted healthcare workers, the delivery drivers, postal workers and all the “essentials” employees showing up for work every day.   And the kind woman a friend of Craig’s met who was handing out free toilet paper in the King Soopers parking lot last week.

We also pray with gratefulness for the gifts we have been given that nourish our own roots; family, friends and slowing down.

I have seen my daughters and husband more in the past few weeks than in the past year, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me, a time I will probably never have again.   We have had family walks, nightly family dinners, family games and family discussions.  I feel like I know my family again.  We have laughed, we have had serious discussions and we have honored our gratefulness for one another.  True nourishment of family roots.

Last week I got to Facetime with one of my very best college friends and her darling toddler son, both of whom in “normal life” due to a two-hour time difference, work and schedules I rarely really talk to.  The other day we had a big family Zoom with cousins and grandparents (and even our dogs!) and were able to share love virtually.   Last week I even shared wine with my two college roommates in two different cities and three different time zones.  True nourishment of friend and family roots.

And the slowing down.  Sleep (yes! sleep!).  Exercise. Deep breaths.  Sitting out on the patio with my family.  Nowhere I have to be.  Not having to split two parents between three kids’ activities and having to figure out where who will be when!   It has been a very, very busy few years (wonderful, but busy!) and I am enjoying true peace.

I understand the complaints of missing out on the everyday that we are used to.  The social, the shopping, the traveling, the work interactions.   But I have faith that these things will return when they are supposed to, and that when they do, and when my house and life are crazy busy again, I will probably wish I could come back to the calm I have now, just as when I was in the crazy busy I would pray for “just one family dinner please!!!”

But now I have family time, virtual relative and friend time, and I am slowing down.  Right now, my roots are being fully nourished and I am so very grateful.   I am blooming.

Thank you, Crocus, for the reminder.

Blessings and love to you and yours for root nourishment during this time, whatever that might be for you.


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