One Beer at a Time

Happy 96th Nana!

When my husband’s 96-year-old grandma, “Nana,” visited us this weekend and he asked her if she wanted a drink, she replied,

“What kind of beer you got?”

Now if you met Nana, this wouldn’t surprise you.  She doesn’t look anywhere near her age, she gets around on her own, is fully coherent, conversational and extremely fun to be with.   She is always dressed in a beautiful outfit, complete with jewelry and is more stylish than many women you’ve ever met.  And to top off her outfit, there is always a smile.  Which of course, makes anyone with her smile as well.  

This weekend Nana went to Emily’s field hockey game, Katy’s poms performance (in blustering wind!), out to Bad Daddy’s burgers, and on a road trip to Glenwood Springs with Craig’s parents.  Did I say ninety-six? 

I don’t think my daughters fully understand yet the impact this amazing woman will have on their lives. Someday they will, and how grateful I am that they have her as an example to follow because how often do we forget how to appreciate every day?  How often do we complain about something trivial?  How often do we want to sit out in blustering wind?  

I remember when Emily was little and Nana was eighty, she went down the slide with Emily at the park.  And when Katy and Ashley joined the family she was on the floor with them playing, in her mid-eighties.  And she made them “Nanny-splits” and shared their ice cream.  To this day there is no complaining, no stating of “I’m too old,” no obstacles whatsoever.  

So, when people ask me what do I think it is that has made Nana live so long, it is easily summed up into one word. 


Nana lives for each day, enjoys each moment and celebrates life.  Not everyone is lucky enough to be here until they are ninety-six.  We never know what the next day might bring.   

So, I remind myself:  I am only here now.  Make the most of it.  Every single day. 

Nana-style. One beer at a time.

Blessings and love,


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