My Second Life

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The first day of my second life began on January 23rd, 1995 when I was twenty-one years old. I cannot tell you much about that day itself, except that when I was lying on the gurney being wheeled into surgery my mom and dad were beside me and my dad said to me through tears, “This should be me.” After that the anesthesiologist asked me what my favorite drink was. I replied “strawberry margarita,” and that was the last thing I remember.

What I remember more is the night prior to the surgery, January 22nd, when my Guardian Angel showed herself to me. I was just starting to write “I love you letters” to my family, boyfriend and best friend “just in case.” But those letters never got written, because right as I picked up my pen the greatest feeling of warmth and love I had ever felt filled my hospital room. And I heard loudly, firmly, and clearly six words: “You are going to be ok.”

It’s not a feeling I can describe or duplicate, and I can’t explain how I knew, but I knew without a doubt that it was my Guardian Angel right next to me in that room. And that night she reached my heart and soul and every fiber of my being. I KNEW I was going to be fine, and I put down my pen and paper and slept the entire night through until they woke me up the next morning for my surgery.

Today I am 26 years old in my second life. I call it my Angel life. So often in this life I get into my head, and the crazy and the busy take over. But when I take a deep breath, slow down and listen, I hear my Angel.  I hear her and know she is with me and always has been. She gives me guidance and signs and reminds me that everything is going exactly the way it should be, all according to divine plan.

And every year on this day I pause, shed a few tears and give thanks for all I have. All that my Angel life has given me. An amazing husband. Three Angel on earth daughters. Incredible friends. Supportive parents. A very special brother, sister-in-law and nieces and nephews. Good health for me and my family.

And this year, even my dream of publishing a book has come true. And as you will read in the preface of Mom is Enough, it was my Guardian Angel who led me to create it. She is here for me every single day, and I could not be more grateful.

My note to you, is that you don’t have to have an aneurysm or something bad happen to you to connect with your Angel. I have been intuitive my entire life and I believe my aneurysm happened to me because I was not listening and not on the right path. I feel my aneurysm was my wake-up call, literally my Angel knocking me in the head saying “Kristy, would you listen already!?”

Don’t wait for the head knock! (Trust me, it’s not all that fun). I don’t have any regrets that I got to start a second life, but I am here to tell you to listen to your Angel now. I believe everyone has a Guardian Angel and that He/She is there for you, every single day. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, listen. What are you hearing? Trust it. Why not start your Angel life today?

And hey, it’s pretty fun to say I’m twenty-six.  And if you start today, you can say you are one!  How fun to re-live your childhood.

Blessings and Love,

Kristy Sands

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