Mamma doesn’t always know best!

It’s hard for me to admit it, but I do feel Mamma doesn’t always know best.  Ok, a lot of times I feel we do, but not always.  I don’t feel we ever know more than our children’s own intuition.  I believe this intuition comes from our Angels and is a gut feeling.  It is that feeling you are so sure of without hesitation.  That feeling when you just know, you may not know why you know, but you know. And I believe this feeling is never wrong.

The other day my dear thirteen year-old daughter Katy and I were on Naples Pier in Florida and my always adventurous husband decided to jump off the pier while we smiled and cheered him on.  Jumping off Naples Pier isn’t exactly illegal, but there are signs posted everywhere pretty much telling you, don’t jump.  But Craig is a jumper and jump he did and came back up safely to the pier afterwards with a big smile on his face.

“Want to do it with me Katy?”  he asked.

Katy looked unsure and she turned to me,

“Should I do it mom?”

Of course my intuition said, “No way!”  as this Pier is very high and Katy still and always will be my baby……but, I am trying to let my children make their own choices as they get older and I am also trying to teach them to trust their Angels and their intuition.  So, I took a deep breath, said a little prayer and instead of telling Katy the strong “NO!” that I felt, I told her,

“It’s up to you honey.  Ask your Angels. Trust your gut.”   And I walked away from her to give her a minute to do so.

Just a moment later Katy came back next to me and said,

“My gut told me no.”

“Ok,”  I told her (YAY! PHEW!) and I put my arm around her and we walked to the edge of the pier.  And guess what we saw as soon as we leaned over the railing and looked down into the water?

Not one, but TWO black tip sharks!  Not kidding. No joke.  I can’t make this stuff up.

Katy immediately looked at me her jaw wide open in disbelief.

“No wonder they told me no!  Oh my gosh!!!”

Thank you Angels.

The reason for sharing this story?  I feel our kids intuition is so strong.  Even stronger then adults.  I feel children  are so connected to their Angels and their gut feelings if only we can get them away from peer pressure and parental pressure and teach them to listen and to trust.  NO MATTER WHAT.

I am so very thankful I didn’t tell Katy “NO!” and that I let her decide for herself.  I am so very thankful she took a minute to pause and listen to her gut rather than just jump.  I am so very thankful the Angels showed us sharks immediately after Katy’s decision to validate her decision.  I am so very thankful for the whole experience.

Did Katy want to jump off that pier with her dad to bond with him and say she did it?


Did the Angels want her to?

Absolutely not.

Would the black tips have bitten her if she had jumped in?  Thank goodness we’ll never know.  Why we didn’t see them before Craig jumped?  We’ll never know that either.

I’m just very thankful we are all safely off that pier with all our limbs and that Katy listened to her Angel’s message even though she kinda wishes she could’ve jumped off with her dad.  (Maybe next time Katers!)

Overall, as much as they want to please us, their friends, their teachers, I feel it is so very very important to teach our children to do what is right for themselves first.  Trust themselves.  Trust their gut.  Trust their Angels.  Always.

It is a hard balance for me letting my girls grow up.  Letting them make their own decisions.  Telling myself I don’t always know best.  But I need to remember I have my intuition and my Angels too and I need to practice what I preach.   Ask.  Listen.  Trust.  👼🏼.

Kristy Sands


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