Let it Go!



I went to a yoga class early this morning not realizing at the time how much it would relate to my life right now.  Funny how these things happen isn’t it?

My good friend and favorite yoga teacher (thank you J!) was leading class and as usual was kicking my butt. But it is my absolute favorite class.  You might ask why something that kicks my butt is my favorite class, but a true gift my friend has in her teaching is that she can make an incredibly hard class flow so that it is easy.  To clarify, I don’t mean easy in effort (because I am sore already!), but easy in the way that every action flows into the next and after each hard move there is a correlated pose or stretch that soothes the muscles I have been working.  And at the end of class I am always filled with positive energy.  Her class fills me up every time and I love it.

As I thought about this today I realized that the things I absolutely love the most in my life are the things that flow easily and give me energy and fill me up, even if they are hard.   The things that give me energy also give me strength and allow me to be true to myself.   And the things I want to let go of in my life are the things that don’t flow.  The things that take away my energy.  The things that cause me to not be true to who I am or to react in a way that I am not proud of.

I laugh because one of my very favorite songs for years has been “Let it Go” from the movie Frozen  (ask my daughters how much I sing it!) and now I know why.  “Let it Go” is a lesson for me that has taken me a long time to learn even though Spirit has been driving and driving and driving it into my head for years.  I am not sure what changed but finally I am listening, even in yoga.

I have always known I lack patience and I am stubborn.  When I want something, I have always gone after it.  I have had trouble in the past letting go of things/relationships/accomplishments I have worked hard for, (blame it on the Virgo in me!) but over the past few years I have been noticing so many signs for me to stop being like this.  Signs for me to loosen up, to accept change, to realize I do not have to do things I don’t want to do or to take care of people or be with people I don’t want to be with.  And I am learning to respond in a new way:

This year I have been working hard on a book all alone and moving very slowly until a mentor gave me an amazing editor to help me and it has made things so much easier for me and I’m loving it, and her and things are flowing.  The old me would have said I don’t need help, I can do this alone.   The new me is so grateful for this new help and positive energy.

This past year and a half my family has been working on designing and building a house but kept having a million obstacles with the architect and then the cost came back too high with three different builders.  We kept pushing on through muck with no results and then all of a sudden unexpectedly found out about a house for sale that was located in my favorite place.  How could we abandon all the work and design we had done for our “perfect new house?”  But we did, and within a week absolutely everything fell together more easily than I can describe and the closing date on the contract was the day before my birthday,  and the sellers left us a bottle of wine and a note!  The old me would’ve said I am not giving up on our house design dang it!  The new me is enjoying sitting in the sunshine of this new house I love so much as I write these words.

This past year my husband took a big risk and after many marital discussions and lots of hugs he left a job that was not serving him or our family.  A new and wonderful opportunity came unexpectedly out of nowhere just days after he quit.   DAYS! Since then I have never seen him more balanced.  The old me might’ve said, “Umm honey we have three kids, this probably isn’t the best time to quit your job…”    The new me is enjoying a more present, helpful and happy husband who I even got a lovely dinner date with last night!

This year out of loyalty I have worked hard to nurture a few friendships that have caused more drama and stress to me than joy and suddenly they all seemed to fizzle at the same time (so weird!) and I took it for sure as a sign to move on.  Even though I care about these people and am thankful for the past, I can’t give any more energy them.  Since this time my very best friends have been more present than ever in so many ways and things are so easy and light.  The old me would’ve kept trying to nurture needier friends and not ever give up on them.  The new me realizes we can’t hold on to everyone forever and I am fully enjoying drama free reciprocal friendships that I have received so much love from, especially this past month.

In every one of these cases listening to signs from the universe and “letting go” paid off for the better and made my life happier and I am so very, very thankful.  I feel I have been rewarded by letting go of what was not serving me.

I have always taught my daughters, “Hard work pays off,” and “Sands aren’t quitters!”  But I now change these quotes to, “Hard work pays off IF it is not taking away your energy or your sense of self.”   And “Sands should quit (let go) if they are miserable and their true self is suffering!”

I believe we are never stuck.   I believe there always is another choice.   I believe the Universe gives us obstacles to recognize that sometimes we need to quit/let go in order to move forward.

We have all heard the term, “energy suck.”   Suck is an ugly word in itself, but so should it be because I believe when something or someone is an energy suck, let it/them go!  It’s not worth it.  No one needs any sucks in their lives.  Life is too short.  And I truly believe that sometimes letting go is the only way to move forward and that in doing so the Universe/Spirit/God/Angels will take care of me and lead me to what is next.

So, from now on, I’m stating here in writing, that my goal is to promise myself that moving forward I will work hard at anything I feel is feeding my soul but not waste energy on that which is not.

Spirit is telling me loudly and clearly:

“Let go of things that are not working. Embrace those that are.”

And I need to continue to listen.

And as I let things go, I know I can also say thank you for them because I know that all that happened in my past led me to where I am today, at this very moment.   And, as Elsa sings:

“I’m never going back, the past is in the past….”

What isn’t working for you? Can you give yourself permission to Let it Go!










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