For Pooch Sake

Yesterday a very close and very hip friend of mine told me it was National Nacho Day.  She wasn’t kidding!  I was curious how we had a day for nachos and wondered what else we had a day for.  I went to my wise and gifted teacher Professor Google and found out that there are almost 1500 National Days that are now tracked.  There is even a National Talk Like a Pirate Day (Sept 19) and a National Corn Dog Day (March 21).   Did you know this?

So, when I woke up this morning to super loud panting and a sloppy wet kiss on my cheek (it wasn’t my husband!) I wondered if it was National Wake Mom Up Too Early Day.

I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep, and my seven-month old puppy turned around and walked away. I thought I had won but, Hah!  Willie was not to be ignored, he just went down the hall, got a running start and jumped through the air, onto our bed and right on top of me. It was twenty minutes before my alarm went off, twenty precious extra minutes of sleep I had left, yet I could not be mad. So, I kissed him right back.

When I went downstairs our older dog Dillon raced up to me with her tail wagging and talking up a storm (Dillon is quite vocal) all the while carrying a pair of someone’s underwear in her mouth. I know she was saying,  “Oh Mommy, I’m so glad you’re up! I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.”

I sat down on the floor and both dogs proceeded to climb all over me, tails wagging, tongues licking.   Although it was still early in the morning they both made me laugh and made me feel loved and I started my day happy.

When our daughters came down soon after for breakfast, who do you think they each said hi to first? Who made them smile first thing upon coming downstairs? Not me. Not my husband.

And as I was doing the breakfast dishes a bit later, I looked out the window and saw my husband looking out into our backyard with a huge smile on his face.   I looked at what he was smiling at, and it was Willie and Dillon chasing each other all around the yard.

I realized then, that the simple joys these dogs bring to our family need to be noted, need to be honored.   So I wondered, is there a National Dog Day?  Surely if there is a National Corn Dog day there could be a National Dog Day?

And so I went back to Professor Google again, and yes, National Dog Day is August 26th!  I missed it this year, but I actually think this one is legit. This one is worth honoring!  This one I will remember! (National Weed Appreciation Day March 28th..maybe not so much!)

My husband once said to me, “The best things about dogs is that they never talk back.”

My favorite thing is that dogs love unconditionally.  If I am mean, crabby, take my anger out on them, ignore them, I still get the wagging tail and kisses everywhere.  I still get the love.

Almost a year ago we lost our dog Murphy suddenly.   You may remember reading my blog about this loss, and almost a year to the date I still often find myself with tears in my eyes thinking about him.   This past weekend I cleaned out the coat closet and found lots of his hair.  I sat down and cried.

The impact of dogs on our life is indescribable. This morning was a little happier for every person in my family because of our dogs.  The dogs are who we can whisper secrets to and not be held in judgment, who we can cry to, who we can play with, hold tightly, wrestle with, laugh at, feel safe with and always, always be loved by.  NO MATTER WHAT.

I am so thankful for what Dillon and Willie bring to me every day, and want to extend this gratefulness not just to them, but also to Murphy and all the other amazing dogs I have been honored to have in my life.

Dillon, Willie, Murphy, Vandy, Kodi, Shivers, Dusty, Rebel.   I honor and love you all and just want to put that out into the universe now, and always, not just on National Dog Day.

Blessings and love to you and your pups.




Source: My dear friend to remain anonymous and  


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