Everything Is Going To Be Ok.

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On the wall of my office I have a sign that I find myself turning to often.  It says;

“Not to spoil the ending, but everything is going to be ok.”

I trust these words with all my heart and soul, I truly do.  The difficult piece for me, however, is that I don’t always know what ok means.

I had not gone to the grocery store since the stay at home order began until yesterday, when in my mask and gloves I ventured to Whole Foods in Frisco, Colorado

When I first walked into the store, tears filled my eyes.  There was a security guard at the one door I was allowed to enter.  There were social distancing circles painted on the floor to space out those in line. There were loudspeaker announcements reminding us to keep our space, and there was plexi glass between cashier and customer.   This was all so surreal and so sad to me and I wondered, “How can this small friendly town have come to this?”  But I was quickly comforted:

At the meat counter the selection was slim.  I spoke through my mask to the man at the counter and explained to him that my youngest daughter was planning to cook us Hibachi.   He loved this idea and spent quite some time with me helping me choose the best meat available for her meal.

In the aisles, every single person I came across said a muffled, “Hello” or “How are you?” through their masks while kindly keeping their distance.  I was never in an aisle with more than one person, usually on the opposite end, but I never felt snubbed or shunned.  No one sprinted away from me or got in my space.  Instead everyone looked at, respected, and acknowledged me.

To add to my comfort, almost everything on my grocery list was in stock this trip!  My little cart was overflowing.  (Truly bags of chips and frozen veggies hanging off, I wish I had taken a picture!)  When I didn’t think I could push my cart one more foot without a catastrophe, from six feet away a kind employee asked if she could get me a bigger cart.  And she did.

At check out through the plexiglass, through our masks, the cashier and I talked about how we were both doing, and a kind young man came to bag my groceries and load them all for me as the plexiglass prevented me from helping.  All three of us chatted for a little bit (through our masks) and I thanked them for being there and they thanked me for coming and supporting Whole Foods.

And as I walked out, the security guard looked at me and told me to, “Stay healthy and have a happy day.”

And as I walked to my car tears filled my eyes again, not because of the surreal, but because of the REAL.  The real in people.  The real in human kindness.  The real that even though every single person I came into contact with has a different story, a different fear, a different Covid-19 thought process, we were all in there together, respecting each other, communicating with each other and practicing kindness.

And although this was just a grocery store trip, for me it was also a reminder of how many amazing people are out there, not just in Frisco, Colorado but in the entire world.   And if we all work together, if we all support one another,  I believe,

“Not to spoil the ending, but everything is going to be ok,”

Whatever that ok is….

Blessings and love for good health and happy endings,

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