Covid-19 Mom


Covid-19 Mom, it is a new role for us all that we never planned for, never expected.

Some of us have to decide if we really want to put our children in daycare during this awful virus.  Some of us have no choice.   Some of us are lying on our tummies with our babies alternating between floor time, nap time and stroller time.  Some of us are missing our weekly classes with our toddlers and creatively coming up with new ways to entertain them.   Some of us have had to become homeschool teachers and fit teaching into our daily responsibilities.  Some of us are coming home from work, leaving our clothes in the garage and racing to the shower so we don’t bring germs inside. Some of us have held our children through tears shed for the many things they have had to give up and just don’t quite understand why.  Some of us have to watch our children miss life milestones; proms, graduations, special events, college days.   Some of us have to watch our older children lose jobs and opportunities.

Some of us are unable to see our own moms and have to love them through Zoom or by waving to them outside retirement home windows.   Some of us are in hospitals holding our children while they suffer through the virus and struggle for breath.  Some of us are sick ourselves and separating ourselves from those we love the very most.

Stories of family time and memories warm my heart.  Stories of the sick or hurting hurt my soul.   But what I feel we moms need to remind each other of is that whatever place we are in, we are doing a great job.  We are doing the best we can.  We are taking it day by day, which is all that we can do.   Even if the only smile in our day is because we got a Whole Foods delivery window, that is ok.  Every Mom has their own story right now, and I feel every Mom needs to be proud of it.  Every one of us is doing what we can, one day at a time.

I published Mom is Enough earlier this year, because I believe with all my heart and soul that moms do not give themselves enough credit for the priceless role they play in this world.   With Covid-19 I think this message is now more important than ever.

I feel whatever you are doing out there right now matters.  Every single mom, every single day.   Whether you are nursing your child back to wellness, nursing yourself back to wellness.  Whether you are crawling on the floor with your little one, reading a book to your children, helping with online school, playing a game, watching a show as a family, making dinner for what feels like the millionth night in a row, hugging a child and telling them “I just don’t know” as answer to their questions, praying together, making a Tik Tok even though you swore you never would.   Whatever you are doing, however tired you are feeling, please take a moment to remind yourself how amazing you are and that you are not alone.

Please also feel free to share/post on my Facebook page (AuthorKristySands) or my Instagram page (kristy.sands) any mom emotions you are feeling that you think other moms would love hearing.  Or please email me at if you want to anonymously share and have me post for you without sharing your name.   There is no judgement.  Only support.  Sometimes it helps to get our feelings out, and I know we all are feeling many emotions right now.

I believe Mom is Enough, whether its Covid-19 Mom or real-world Mom.  Right now, the surreal is our real, and together we can do this day by day, as only Moms can.

Blessings and love to all moms out there, always.


For your copy of Mom is Enough please go to  At the end of each chapter is a journaling exercise reminding you just how valuable you are!

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