Ask and you shall receive.

When I arrived at DIA last week for a wonderful fall escape with our girls the East Parking Economy Lot sign flashed “FULL.”   A voice I know well told me to go in anyway.  So I did and I said, “Angels please give us a parking spot.”

“But it says it’s full mommy,”  I was told.

“Don’t worry girls, the Angels will show us a spot.”


And sure enough, as soon as I turned into the lot a car pulls out of a spot one space away from the terminal walkway.  Not only did they give us a parking spot, but a prime one.

Thank you Angels.

In addition I asked for a safe and easy travel day and:

-I debated checking our third bag due to a layover in Atlanta and decided not to spend the money and that I would just bring it with me.  But at our gate Delta airlines was checking bags for free.  I handed them my bag and didn’t have to pull it behind me in Atlanta or pay $25.00.  

-Our flight was on time.  We had seats together.  The plane had TVs in every seat with free movies.  Each of our girls watched one.  On the flight they also had gluten free pretzels (I can’t have gluten) and they were delicious.   

-Our second flight was scheduled to be on time and we had a very tight connection.  But, at the very big and very busy Atlanta airport our first flight landed in the same terminal just a very short walk from our second flight.  No more tight connection.  

-We landed ten minutes early in Florida.  When we got to baggage claim all of our bags came out right away.  At the rental car  office the lady told us to choose any car we wanted and we walked out and picked out a brand new 2018 Chevy Equinox.   And we arrived safely to our final destination.  Safe, easy travel day.  

Thank you Angels.

When I was seeing private clients many of them asked me “Aren’t I selfish if I ask the Angels for help with these little things?”  And the answer is absolutely not.  If you asked the Angels to help you do something malicious or wrong, yes that is selfish, (and they wouldn’t help you with that anyway!) but it is absolutely not selfish to ask for help for yourself, to ask for parking spaces or for anything else that is not hurting anyone else.  Your Angels work for you.  Think of them as eager employees who only want to make you happy.    ASK, ASK, ASK.  

I could write a million words about how many times the Angels have helped me with everyday requests.  And a million more about how they have helped me with more serious things.  And then also a few words where I asked and didn’t get the exact help I wanted which happens too.

My daughters have asked me about this.  For example they may ask why their Angels don’t get them the A on a test they asked for, or give them a snow day from school they begged for, or why the boy that they like doesn’t like them back.  I tell them that although we can always ask, sometimes there are reasons the Angels cannot fulfill our requests.  Maybe you have to learn to study a little harder in the subject you are not getting an A in, maybe the snow day can’t happen because someone else in the school district really needs to be at school that day, maybe the boy they like isn’t the right boy for them, or it’s not the right time.  (I first saw my husband across the room at a party but it was almost a full year before we actually met in person).   

People also often ask me why their Angels can’t help with an illness of their own or of a loved one.  Or why the Angels cannot prevent natural disasters or tragedies.  And the answer is the same, some things we just don’t know.  There are reasons beyond our depth of knowledge.  You might have to go through an illness to change your life’s path.  My brain aneurysm (see my bio on this website) absolutely changed my lease on life, and my family’s too.  Do you think we asked God back then “Why me?”  OF COURSE!  But would I take that piece of my life away, NEVER!   We just don’t always know why the Angels (Or God) can’t answer every prayer, but I promise you that if they can, they will.  And if they don’t answer, there’s a reason why, they know more than we do!

The other day I asked my Angels to help me get through a hard run as I was feeling lousy.  The next song that came on my Pandora was my very favorite song that hadn’t played in forever.   And I got through the run.

Thank you Angels.  

This time of year as we approach the busy holiday season it is especially important that I remember to ask my Angels for help because if I do, there’s a prime parking spot for me at the mall.  There’s the perfect gift for someone around the corner and it’s on sale.  There’s the perfect opportunity to reach out to an old friend or a family member I want to re-connect with.   And the list goes on and on.  Ask and I shall receive.

What do you receive when you ask your Angels for help?  

Happy November!



PS:  If you do “ask” and end up having an Angel story you would like to share, please email it to me at as I would love to post your stories on my website.  

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