Month: October 2017

I See

When I pull into my Angel parking spot I see the highway, but behind the highway are brilliant yellow leaves and snow capped mountains absolutely gorgeous in their October glory. So often behind the ugly the Angels show me the beauty.  Beauty that is there every day if only I take time to see it. …

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Uber Mom

Back when I was growing up, Uber meant cool.  Now it means a ride anywhere you want to go, anytime you want it.   It means having someone there to take you to a place, from a place, back and forth to multiple places with little to no advance notice. Someone driving you no matter the …

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Few Egrets

Prayers from all across the world are going out to Las Vegas this week, and if you are like me you are probably also saying prayers of thanks for all those in your life and that they are here and alive.  It is tragedies like Las Vegas that remind me that we are not invincible, …

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