Month: April 2017

Angels Everywhere

  I hope that this past Easter weekend was a wonderful weekend for you.  Here in Denver we had beautiful weather, flowers blooming, and Angels. This year I bought the egg coloring kit where you add oil and the dyes create a marbling effect on the eggs.  My family and I were together in our kitchen dyeing …

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Letting Go…..

I have felt so tired lately.  Drained and overworked and just wanting to crawl into bed.  At first I thought maybe this is because I am a mom and I am busy, but being a mom actually gives me energy.  I love being a mom.  I love what I do for my kids and I …

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  Prayers across the world are being sent to Colombia today, including mine.  And as so often happens in tragedies such as this one come the questions;  “Where was God?  Where were the Angels?”  In my career as an Angel Therapist© these are probably the most asked questions of me when the horrific happens.  How …

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